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Our Process

  • Perform a Site Survey to identify Energy Savings

  • Provide a Summary Report identifying all energy savings and other management options

  • Determine best programs to save energy

    1. Gas – Pool Heating, Domestic Hot Water, Restaurant Hot Water

    2. Elect – Lighting, VFD for pumps, Summer Winter Pumps

    3. Demand Response – Technical Incentives

    4. Billing Categories – Which is best for customer

  • Provide engineering, and calculations for all aspects of all projects chosen

  • Complete all paperwork including forms, drawings, calculations and submittals

  • Obtain a Notice to Proceed by Utility

  • Procure and install the equipment obtain permits and inspections if needed

  • Obtain final approval from customer and utility

  • Warranty, Maintenance, Upgrade and Consultation (WMUC) begins with

    • Monitor and verify energy savings

    • Provide ongoing operations and maintenance of systems and equipment

    • Provide reports automatically and on demand  

    • Set and monitor alarms that notify of out of range temperatures, equipment run time and savings

    • Report on Savings of Green House Gases

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