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Electric Savings

4% of Energy Usage Drives 40% of Your Energy Bill

The mission of the electric utility industry is to provide reliable power for the lowest possible cost. But, during peak congestion periods — like the hottest days of summer - the grid cannot keep up with demand.

These "demand peaks" strain energy production and are expensive for the power companies. They incur high-cost reactive maintenance, frequent brown-outs, and even power outages.

The end result? The utility companies ask you — their customers — to constrain your use of electricity during these peak times or pay hefty "demand charges" to use this peak energy.


For a typical company, less than 4% of the energy you buy can account for up to 40% of the total cost because of the demand charges you pay for. 

As a result, companies are spending needlessly on demand charges. Across every region in the US, hundreds of millions of dollars are being wasted annually.

CEGY - The Solution to Peak Demand Charges

CEGY's WINS® (Wireless Internet Network Solution) hardware and software service reduces peak demand charges by applying patented energy multiplexing technologies to the distribution and use of electricity. 

Normally, appliances have unrestricted access to power, regardless of their type or application. They respond to environmental factors without human interaction or consideration of potential cost. 

This random use of power often coincides with peak demand — and your cost of operations soars.  Instead, CEGY's technology monitors peak demand and intelligently adjusts power usage on a micro-level. The CEGY WINS characterizes each power-consuming device as having distinct service requirements and micro-time-shifts its power usage accordingly.

Seeing each appliance this way lets us identify its unique characteristics. Then, we develop a model of system-wide behaviors. Those behaviors are modeled into heuristics — a working description of what each appliance needs to do to accomplish its objective (like cool a server room) — in the context of aggregating the service requirements of all appliances across site/campus/regional levels.

Each appliance is then registered — with its unique characteristics — into our database, and can then be acted upon with an additive layer of intelligence to eliminate random instances of peak demand.


Your operational costs of electricity are automatically under control

The WINS product and service includes a complete range of both custom and off the shelf components that support machine-to-machine logic (M2M).

Already using one of the major building automation systems? CEGY’s WINS services simply inter-operate with a broad range of BACnet enabled systems to deliver bottom-line value.

For new entrants into building management, CEGY WINS offers a suite of CEGY End Device Controllers (CEDS) that continuously evaluate the operational status of each appliance back to CEGY's servers, applying actionable insight to achieve the greatest possible cost reductions for our customers.

CEGY + WINS = The Solution to Peak Demand

CEGY integrates with many existing building automation systems, making installation lightning-fast with no down time.

CEGY's rapid implementation model helps enterprise level companies see lower operation costs from day 1.

Because CEGY WINS is designed for enterprise level companies, it can be rapidly installed across hundreds of sites in just a few weeks and integrates with widely deployed open building automation systems.

Furthermore, CEGY’s WINS hardware and software technology harvests the internets processing power to drive optimal economic outcomes across all locations, achieving optimal savings at an enterprise scale.

Peak Demand & Consumption

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